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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Hello Everyone:  In my humble opinion this bulletin board (BB) is easier to use and has more utility than the commercial things like Face Book and Twitter.  I am trying to use the newer Commercial Programs but feel like they are less secure and more cumbersome.  This BB does not have the utility of e-mail lists, which in my opinion is the best way for organizations or families to stay in touch and share.  Photos and easily be embedded in postings either way.  Another big advantage is that BBs last longer.  Check out the postings from 2003 (13 years ago), some of those contributors are no longer with us.  Another advantage to BBs is that they are platform independent, all it requires is an Internet Browser. Merry Christmas and love to all, Dean

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hello Family and Friends,

I am rebuilding the family site and I couldn’t take the old page down.  Some of the people who have left messages are no longer with us.  These notes will outlast all of our Facebook and other commercial sites.  Social media has gone wild and indications are that the old fashioned bulletin boards are coming back… That is what this is.  There is so many ways to communicate that information overload sometimes occurs and things get lost.  This bulletin board can be accessed by the public; that is why it must be monitored.  All proper and relative information will be passed through and posted.   The old BB was too full for today’s software so I started Room II.  To visit the old {Room} follow this link.

There were a lot of notes flying here in 04-07, prior to face book.   Maybe we can crank it up again. 

Love to all,

Dean and Julie