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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Hello Family and Friends,

I am rebuilding the family site and I couldn’t take this page down.  Some of the people who have left messages are no longer with us.  These notes will outlast all of our Facebook and other commercial sites.  Social media has gone wild and indications are that the old fashioned bulletin boards are coming back… That is what this is.  There is so many ways to communicate that information overload sometimes occurs and things get lost.  This bulletin board can be accessed by the public; that is why it must be monitored.  All proper and relative information will be passed through and posted. 

Love to all,


Sunday, June 17, 2007 12:06 PM

Hi Ben,
I have never met you but sure would like to some day. I see in your first post here that you baby sit. I used to baby sit your dad when he was very young. I bet you can't wait to see the new Transformers movie coming out soon? I will be going to see it when it comes out as well. Say "HI" to dad for me.
Your Great Uncle Larry 

Saturday, June 16, 2007 1:08 PM

Dear Family,
Mom just signed me up for a new email address. It is **************** you can write me back here if you like.

Saturday, June 16, 2007 1:01 PM

Dear Family,
I don't like books that much. I collect transformers and pez. I have maybe 180 pez and 36 transformers. I am getting 5 more for my birthday. They are Blackout, scorpionics, bonecrusher, brawl and rattrap. I also am getting Avatar Legos and thats all. What do you do for my birthday? You said you celebrate it how? What are you doing and thats all.
I am using my mom's email. do you want to write back

Friday, June 15, 2007 3:27 PM

Hi Ben!
It is so good to hear from you. Hoping you and your family are all doing really really well.
We always celebrate your birthday. Did you know that you and your Great Uncle Todd have the same birthday?
And that your little Aunt Cheyenne and your dad have the same birthday?
We love and miss you very very much.
Grandma Sue

Tuesday, June 12, 2007 7:15 PM

Dear Family,
North Dakota isn't as wonderful as Olympia. They all stare here. I took some golf classes but I didn't like it much. I got a sun burn on my arms. I don't have any pictures right now but when I move into my new house I will look for one. I am babysitting now and they are easy to baby sit. What is the family doing now?
Well I have to go now. Bye

Monday, June 11, 2007  9:20 PM

Hi Ben, Thanks for the post, it is great hearing from you.  Is ND big sky country like Montana?  I sometimes think that the family has forgotten about the Web Site.  I love getting posts.  I would like to see some pictures of you, I usually post picture of participants at the bottom of the page.  Your great-great-uncle... Dean

Sunday, June 10, 2007 9:00 PM

Dear Family,
This is Ben Griswold. I thought I would write to tell you about what I am doing this summer. I am busy in the town of Jamestown ND. My dad moved us here because he got a new job. We all love it here, my brother loves it more than I do. Anyway want to let you know that I am about to celebrate my 12th birthday. I still love the transformers and I am not sure what I am going to do for my birthday. Well I am going for right now.
Bye, Ben

Sunday, March 25, 2007  8:56  PM  Translation

Edna has had some problems but is doing better now.  She has moved to an assisted living facility and is currently in a nursing home.

Evelyn just has her 80th birthday party, there will be pictures up on the family Web Site soon.  Regards to all in Denmark.

Sunday, March 25, 2007  8:56  PM  Translation

Hi Dean!

I'm sending you regards from us here (in Denmark, she means). Hope everybody we know is alright. How is Edna? We got a christmas card from her, and she wrote, that it was difficult for her to see. We are fine. I have just bought a new sewing machine, that can embroider and I'm buying patterns in the USA over the Internet. Please send our regards to everybody we know, yours sincerely Jette & Preben

Monday, March 19, 2007 4:04 AM

Hej dean
jeg sender jer en lille hilsen
her fra os vi håber at i har det godt
alle dem vi kender
hvordan har edna det vi fik jule kort
fra hende da skrev hun at det kniv med at se
vi har det godt jeg har fået en symaskine
der kan brodere jeg køber mønster fra U.S.A
får dem ovre nettet
vil du hilse alle dem vi kender
hilsen preben og jette

Saturday, April 29, 2006 8:32 AM (Megan and the Gang) 


 Hey y'all, it's Megan. I can't wait to see all of y'all again. It feels like it's been almost forever. I don't really have much to say so I thought I would give you an update on the gang's life.

    Jake  is in the sixth grade, and he just turned twelve, March 14th. His grades are fine and he loves to play baseball still, and is playing for a travel team. Jake is going to try out for our middle school team later this year. Jake is about five feet tall and is about as skinny as a stick.

    I am in the eighth grade, and I am turning fourteen, July 13th. My grades are fine and I have just finished playing junior varsity softball for Grissom High. I am about five feet, eight inches tall.

    My dad has been promoted to an investigator and we are all very proud. Mom continues to grow grey hair trying to keep up with me and Jake. She says that she need extra senior vitamins (geritol) to keep up with all of us. lol


That is all for now, hope to see y'all soon. ;-)

Saturday, December 4, 2004 (Dean)

Happy 70th Birthday Preben... See the Preben page of the family web.

Welcome Home Nelse...  We are so proud of what you are doing.

Congratulations to Erin and Lance...  The big day is June 26, 2005 in Washington, DC.

With love to all, Carolee and Dean

Tuesday, September 14, 2004 4:06 PM  (Dean)

Hi all,  I have been snowed under setting up new classes and lining up instructors.  Hopefully things will slow down soon.  Classes started this week with 52 clients enrolled and over 150 memberships.  I am in the process of trying to completely redo the Family Web Site.  In the meantime please check out Michele's great pictures at...  www.msnusers.com/Christiansen3  I am working on a family CD which will probably not be finished until Christmas.  With love, Carolee and Dean

Tuesday, September 14, 2004 10:17 AM  (Evelyn)

Are you and Carolee O.K. Miss your web site. Love Evelyn

Saturday, July 24, 2004 8:55 PM  (Michele)

Hello All,
I just want to give you Nelse's address while he is in Iraq. Please try to drop him a short note:) Also, you can go to
www.msnusers.com/Christiansen3 to see pictures of our new home and the children. Take care.

SFC Christiansen, Nelse Y.
1st FOB 51
APO,AE 09342

Friday, July 2, 2004 10:15 AM (Dean)

I am sorry to announce that the Family Reunion for this year has been cancelled.  There are several reasons, mainly that family members have other obligations.  Evelyn, Ingrid, and I were the only ones with firm commitments. As we wished to visit and share time with others we decided to cancel.  I feel that having these reunions every year is a little much.  In the future we need to consider spacing them out.  We hope everyone has a great summer.  Carolee and Dean
PS... Keep on posting...

Thursday, June 03, 2004 9:27 PM  (Dick and Carole Goers)

Hello all. Haven't checked in on the family room in a while so got caught up. We are both fine. Been making a lot of trips. To Iowa for our granddaughters Graduation from Nurses training and to Florida for our grandson's graduation from High school and to finish celebrating his sisters graduation from college. Planning another trip to Florida for the Miss Florida pageant. She doesn't expect to win but going for moral support. Thank you Edna for your kind words about our Ashley (Lynn's daughter) but the best part is she is just as pretty inside. Leg has healed fine and now we just need to stay home long enough to get caught up. Our best wishes to all. Dick and Carole

Haven't forgotten about the pictures. Maybe I'll get them off tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004 8:37 PM  (Dean)

Hi Bob and Jenny,
Edna has trouble with her eyes and doesn't always get her e-mail. Her current address is ednac@mchsi.com ... Sounds like you had a great Memorial Day. We went to Indiana to a convention and had a good time getting acquainted with old friends. We are beginning to get excited about the family reunion in North Carolina in July. If any of you could attend any or all of it we would love to see you again. Details are on the Web Site. I have been swamped with my teaching lately and have been neglecting the site. I am hoping to make a CD with all of the old web pages on it along with many old family pictures. I am trying to get it ready to pass out at the reunion. Good to hear from you again.
With regards, Carolee and Dean.

Monday, May 31, 2004 9:46 PM  (Bob and Jenny (Olesen) Flowers)

Hello Carolee and Dean,
Hope this email finds you well and happy. All is fine in New Jersey just a little rainy. We had a nice BBQ anyway to celebrate Memorial Day.
I have tried to email Edna but haven't gotten a response. Would you please forward her email address to me again? Perhaps I have wrong address. Best regards, Bob and Jenny (Olesen) Flowers

Thursday, May 06, 2004 2:17 AM  (JETTE)

Dear Carolee and Dean
We are sending you a little greetings from us. We hope that you both are well. I have lost my job , and I am working
in our garden and relaxing. It is great and don't think I will be back at work anymore , but I have been working for 44 years, so that must be enough.
In May on the 22 are we going to celebrate Dorte and Rolf`s Silver Wedding, and we will see all the Drewsen boys.

IN June are we going to Hvide Sande, the Church, are celebrating the 50 years jubilee, and Preben is invited because he helped to built the Church in 1954.  The Queen might come, because in 1954 did her parents King Frederik and Queen Ingrid attend the first Ceremony.

When are you going to the cousin-get-together party? Please give our greetings to everyone because we enjoyed it very much last year.

Preben is in Dec. this year turning 70, and we are having a party for about 30-40 people, you are invited.

Mange Mange Kærlige Hilsner

Wednesday, March 24, 2004 3:15 PM  (Penny and Edna)

Greetings from Clinton. I am here with Aunt Edna. They let her out of the hospital this morning. I believe she was released for good behavior. I am going to key a message from her:

Love to all of you. I am a tough "ole" girl who keeps on going.
Dick and Carole- Your Granddaughter is beautiful. Congratulations!

Much love, Aunt Edna and Penny

March 08, 2004 (Larry)

Jacob will be graduating 12 MAR 04. Donna and I will be attending and spending the weekend in Waukegan. He will then be going to South Carolina for more training. He is going to be an Engineer of all things! Just kidding, Dean, Todd, etc.

March 06, 2004 (Todd)

My goodness. There hasn't been a post on here in over a month. Larry...tell us more about Jacob in the Navy. Would love to hear what is going on with him.

January 23, 2004 (Dean)

Ah... Great Lakes, Hottest place in the summer and the coldest in the winter.  I can still have bad dreams about Boot Camp.  I guess the worst part for me was home sickness.  I was there in the summer of 54.  Edna can tell you about the winters there.  Hope all is well with everyone.  Catch you all later.  Dean

January 23, 2004 (Larry)

Jacob is in the Navy. He left 13 JAN 04.

DIV 114 SHIP 06
GREAT LAKES, IL 60088-3127

We thank anyone that can write to him!
PS We now have an “Empty Nest” and plenty of room for anyone that needs to get away from the cold.

January 09, 2004 (Dean)

Just a reminder...  This is 2004 and the reunion is fast approaching.  Please go to the Reunion Web Page and get the information... Make your reservations early for the best selections.  As soon as I get an idea of how many are planning to come I will start firming up activities and provide a list of possible things to do on the reunion page.  Everyone is invited and it would be great to have a large turnout.  Just sitting around and swapping memories is a lot of fun. If you have not attended a reunion before give it a try, everyone always has a good time. Keep me informed and e-mail any questions you may have to me. Dean

January 09, 2004 (Dean)

Hi,  If they are two older guys???  They were probably Grandpa and Urb acting up...  They actually dared each other to do that and then they went to the Saturday night dance at the German Hall.  Needless to say they were the life of the Ball.  Your Grandpa always knew how to have a good time.
It sounds like you are really busy.  I have plenty of carousals and time to capture the images into digital format.  The hardest part of making the family web pages is getting the material.  I let some of the pages get away from me without saving them.  I do have some back up copies but the bookkeeping gets real confusing.  I started giving each picture a number in sequence and tried to categorize them.  When I got up to 2000 pictures I gave up.  Many are from copies that were made so there is a lot of duplication.  As a former boy scout I will just do my best.  The whole idea I have is to just put them on a CD, some will be presented in Web Format and the others just in folders.  With the file preview and slide show features of Windows XP people will be able to rapidly scan the folders and pick out ones that interest them. Dean

January 08, 2004 (Penny)

Dear Dean,
No, I do not think my slides are the old ones my Dad had. Two boxes of mine are from my vacation to Denmark with Grandma and Uncle Jim and Aunt Edna. The rest are from Aunt Edna. There are pictures from many events I recognize, such as your college graduation. I copied most of those. (Who are the two guys dressed up as women- at least I hope they were guys!) Many of the others I believe were friends of Jim and Edna.

Unfortunately, time once again is a very precious commodity for me. So, I took the slides I wanted copied to Wal-Mart. I limited the number because of the cost. However, if you do not mind if I take the other slides out of the carousals, I don't think it would be too expensive to mail them to you. Do you think they would be safe in the mail? I can also send you a copy of the CD. This weekend I am going out of town and Monday after school I am taking a Spanish class. Then after dinner I teach a fitness class. But hopefully, I can get them packaged up on Tuesday and mail them Wednesday after our faculty meeting.
Love, Penny

January 06, 2004  (Donna)

Hi All-- Special note to Penny -- I'm Jenny's sister, Donna, and I've been checking in on the site. I laughed out loud when I saw your question about snipe hunting. Not only do we remember it, but it has to be one of our best memories of Iowa. I recall going home to Jersey right after that trip and playing the trick on my own group of friends. 
I'll call Jenny and ask her to log on and read your message. 
Happy New Year to all. 

January 2, 2004  (Dean)

Hi Penny,
Please do not discard any slides. I am putting all of the old web pages on a CD and plan to distribute it at the Family reunion... There is plenty of room for all other pictures.   How are you copying them to CDs? I have sent time trying to do this however as you can see from the pictures on the web many of the slides are becoming discolored with time. I now have software whereby I can enhance somewhat, but resolution cannot be increased. I project them on flat white paper and then photograph them with my camera. Next I use Paint Shop Pro to remove color casts, etc. I am running out of pictures at last and that is why I have not been updating as many web pages as I used to. Please let me know if I can help, also I am requesting any old slides you have. I was informed that many old slides got lost by your father when they left Adel... Could these be the lost slides of the Christiansen Clan???? With love, Carolee and Dean...

January 1, 2004 (from Penny)

Happy New Year All! With the New Year, my husband has made a resolution to clear out clutter, or drive the rest of the family insane, whichever comes first. We started in the basement where I found 9 boxes of carousel slides. Many of them are old family pictures I inherited from Aunt Edna. Several of the picture are from the 1950's, before I was born. I picked out 200 or so to copy on to CD's so we could actually see them occasionally. I picked the slides that had people and places I recognized. I will be happy to send a copy of the CD to anyone who would like it. But I need to do something will the other slides. Does anybody want them? Speak now before my husband hauls them away..........
Got to ask- Does Jenny remember snipe hunting while she was in Iowa?

December 25,2003  (Dorte)

Dear Carolee and Dean!
Thank you very much for your christmas regard, we too wish your both a merry christmas and a healthy and happy new year. We are ok every of us, I am working the whole christmas and christmas evening too, but it was ok. Rolf spend the christmas eve with the children.
We are going to egypt in januar for holiday in 14 dayes to see the museums in Luxor and spend a sail trip along nilen to Aswan, so we hope it will be good. Will you please say hallo to the rest of the family from us and wish them a merry christmas and a happy new year. Yours sincerely
Dorte and Rolf Drewsen

December 24,2003  (Dean)

Hi everyone and Merry Christmas.  I sent a greeting today with links in it.  I later discovered that the links would not work for me, I added .us to the URLs such that the family in Denmark could use them.  If you wish to use the links from this country you must remove the .us.   Dean

December 07, 2003  (Dean)

Hi Jenny,
I am very happy to hear from you... You found the right clan... I loved your father, he took me for my first airplane ride, when I was 10 years old. I have had his pictures on our web site several times. I will post your message there soon... Also this one... How did you find it??? My family and I now live in Huntsville, Al. I never got to meet you when you came to Iowa. This Web site has been great. I even got to meet some cousins I never knew existed. Some of them in Denmark found me.
More later... If you have any pictures please send them and they will be put on the Web site with some others of your father.
With God's Blessings,
Dean and Carolee Christensen.

December 07, 2003 (Jenny Olesen Flowers)

I am Jenny Olesen Flowers from Tewksbury New Jersey. My father was Magnus Olesen and I think he was your cousin. We visited Iowa in the 1964 and stayed with Chris and Nellie in their river home. We had a wonderful time visiting with all of you.
My sister, Donna Olesen, found your web site and we think it is just wonderful. We believe our grandmother was Bottielde Pedersen, but we are not certain.
My husband, Bob, and I have visited Denmark twice. It was a wonderful trip and we have kept in touch with my cousins in Lydum. We took my father's ashes back to the church in Lydum for burial when he died in 1980. I have a cousin, Lief, who still lives in Lydum. His son, Henrik, attended graduate school in Colorado and spent time with us in NJ, also. We keep in touch via email.
I wonder if you have any additional information about and photos of my grandmother?
We hope all are well and you have wonderful holiday. 
Best regards to all,
Jenny Olesen Flowers

November 23, 2003  (Dean)

Hi Everyone,
We are sure happy to hear that Kaden is home. Praise God for answering prayers.  I am a little slow with postings and also on the web pages.  My new assignment is starting to slow down some so maybe I can do better in the future.  One of my old volunteer jobs always requires extra effort on the third Saturday of the month.  Keep the posts and pictures coming and I will post them, I enjoy it.  I especially enjoy the pictures of all the "youngins", they grow up fast.  We wish everyone a very Happy and Safe Holliday, don't eat too much Turkey.  With our love, Carolee and Dean

 November 19, 2003 (Michele)

Hello All!
Baby Kaden is home!!!! He was discharged late this afternoon and we are elated!! He is doing great and we are following up with our family doctor tomm. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. We now have to get used to having a little boy around. Mommy has already got sprayed several times. Now that we can hold him, we don't want to put him down. He is a little pumpkin and looks just like his sisters. Thanks again for all the support!
Nelse, Michele, Kenzie, Madie & Kaden

November 15, 2003  (Michele)
Kaden Update

Hello Everyone,
Just a little update on the K-Man. The docs removed the tube in his throat yesterday. They put in the Cpap. The tube in the nose. Which they also removed last night. Right now he just has tiny little nasal tubes giving him a little bit of o2. He is doing much better today. He was awake this morning and Dad and the K-Man had our first father to son chit chat. His o2 sats are great and he is up to 30cc of hot chow each feeding. He also likes to smile alot in his sleep. He is moving along just nicely. Everyone keep their fingers crossed and we hopefully will be home sometime next week. Thanks again for all the letters and prayers.

Love Nelse, Michele, Mackenzie, Miss Madison and the K-Man

November 12, 2003  (Dean)

Thanks for the information Sue.  We will continue to keep them in our prayers as well as Mark.  This is the first I have heard that Mark is having problems.  We will continue to pray and we sure are looking for speedy recovery for both.  How are you and Cheyenne doing?  (Dean)

November 12, 2003  (Sue)

I am forwarding this to some that don't seem to be on Nelse and Michelle list, and I know that there are more that might like to know.  I talked to Grandma and Grandpa Mcdonald today. They said it has been tough, but Nelse and Michelle were very relieved when the doctors sent Kaden to Iowa City, The doctors there are "Optimistic" but said to be prepared for a "long haul." Nelse is working on getting his two week leave extended and is confident that it will be.  As far as Mark is concerned after three days of radiation therapy, he's doing fine and in good spirits.
Love,  Sue

November 09, 2003  (Dean)

I am sure both Nelse and Kaden Yahn  will be in all of our prayers.  Thank you Evelyn for the request.  I see a great need for this family room and the flow of family information.  Presuming, assuming, and surmising can sure lead to missed opportunities.  Opportunities for caring and sharing.  May God bless us all.  Please keep us informed.

 November 09, 2003  (Evelyn)

I presume Todd has told you about Nelse & his son Kaden Yahn. He is in intensive care at Dubuque. Our prayers are with him. Nelse will be on leave at Dubuque for two weeks. Please we can use all the prayers for this boy to survive. Love Evelyn

November 7, 2003 (Dean)

Thanks for the post Todd, maybe we can get things going in here.  Carolee and I are doing great except for my mouth, I don't know how to say no.  I was recruited as the coordinator for the SeniorNet Computer Learning Center.  I have had a hectic week getting things going but it looks a lot better today.  Luckily I can telecommute most of my activity from home, the downside is that I can work 12 hrs per day.  I do enjoy a challenge and the opportunity to help others.  I have a great team of volunteers to coordinate but the tasks requires about 20 more. What is happening with everyone else?  There must be some news in this family someplace.  I hope everyone is well.  Dean

November 6, 2003 (Todd)

Ok. I can see there is a lot of posting going on since I joined the crowd :-). On another note, my new home e-mail is toddchris@otelco.net. I hope all are doing well.

October 23, 2003 (Dean)

I am glad that AOL is improving, you can now do many things with it ;-}  They are coming out of the Box.  It was either that or take bankruptcy. LOL  Dean

October 23, 2003 (Todd)

Here is my first shot at a post here. I really have nothing to say, but just wanted to see if this would work from my AOL account. We need more of the Christiansen clowns to be posting on here :-). By the way, my new address will be 221 Cullman Road (same city and state), and, if you don't have it, my home number is 931-2199 (same area code) and my cell is 506-6474 (same area code). Now don't everyone call at once :-).

October 14, 2003 (Dean)

I agree with Larry that Fontana Village would be a great place for our reunion next year.  Larry sent me the message listed below a few weeks ago.  I almost missed it as it was not sent as a post to this family room.  I will copy and paste it here. 

Dean,  I saw a reference to Fontana in the "Family Room?" Three or four Christmas's ago Donna's sister's family and we spent a week at a Resort near the Fontana Dam. It was a wonderful place and would be excellent for a reunion. Larry

We sure hope that everyone can come and that we have a big turnout.  Todd is going to assist me with future planning.  It was real quiet there in this off season, many of the activities were shut down but I imagine it will be full in July.  A great many of their units have already been reserved so make your preliminary plans early and block out the unit of your choice.  Also use this posting system to give suggestions and ideas.  This room is for the use of the entire family and our family friends.  If you use the post button provided above I will know that you want your message posted.  Dean
Fontana Village Web Site     Family Web Site for Reunion 2004

October 04, 2003 (Dean)

tak preben og jette
jeg er håbe den vilje hjælpe vores kommunikation jeg vil sende du edna's e-mail adressere
måske en eller anden måde vi vil lære
kærlig hilsen
carolee og dean

Thanks Preben and Jette,
I am hopeful this will assist our communication.  I will send you Edna's e-mail address.
Maybe some how or other we will learn.
Affectionate greeting,
Carolee and Dean

October 04, 2003 (Preben and Jette)

hej dean og carolee
jeg skriver til dig
vi har problemer med edna`s e-mail jeg har prøvet at sende til hende men den
kommer retur håber at alle dem vi kender har det godt mange hilsner fra
preben og jette

(Below is my feeble translation, Dean)

Hello Dean and Carolee,
I am writing to you.
We have problems with Edna’s e-mail, I have tried to send but it keeps
coming back. We are hopeful that this will provide many greetings to all from
Preben and Jette.

September 23, 2003

Hi Lynn, Thanks for the note, we enjoyed the time with your parents.  I now have a problem I need your help with.  I promised to post pictures of anyone participating in this adventure... ;-)  Would you please send me some pictures of you and your family, maybe I could post a couple of them on the web site also.  Dean

September 23, 2003 (Lynn)

Hi, I am Lynn Glass, Dick and Carole Goers’ daughter in Orange Park, Florida. I think it is really great that you have this website to keep in touch with family and friends, and I have enjoyed the pictures over the last couple of years that you have posted of the Goers’ family. I’ll continue to check out your website from time to time, thanks for giving us all a little smile! Lynn Glass

September 22, 2003 (Dean)

Hello everyone,  We sure enjoyed our visit with everyone.  We stopped in Belleville, Ill. tonight after a drive through Ottumwa this morning.  I just had to get a newer picture of Dick Goers... (see below)  We enjoyed dinner tonight with Carole and Dick.  We had a lot of good laughs over old times... The stories always get better with age.  Love to all, Dean and Carolee.

September 21, 2003  (Penny)

Dear All,
I want Uncle Dean to know that I not only know where the "POST" button is, but also how to use it. I have not used it up until now because I have not had anything worth saying. Now, I do- here's my 2 cents worth. Has anybody else noticed how much Megan looks like her grandmother Carolee's pictures from that age? Thank you very much!

September 17, 2003 (Dean)

Hi everyone, There will be no new posts for a week, you can send them in but they will not be posted until we return.  We decided to go up to visit Edna and others in Clinton before I start teaching.  I have a fairly larger than usual number of classes this fall.  I can't complain as I really enjoy it.  We will be in Clinton over the week end.  Dean

September 15, 2003 (Edna)

I hope I am doing this right. I enjoyed the letters and hope to find more of them in the future. It was nice to read a letter from Dick Goers. It has been a long time since I have seen he and his family. Dick give my best to your family. Love to all, Aunt Edna

September 14, 2003  (Evelyn)

Just got back from Walford, Ia. Ponderosa Ballroom. Big band music
Wonderful crowd of people all dressed up. Danced my feet off. Got back
at two A.M. Hope everything in Alabama is fine. Hope to see you soon.
Good luck on Carolina reservations . Keep the pictures coming. Love
them. Evelyn

September 13, 2003  (Dean)

Congratulations all you Hawkeye fans, the Cyclones finally lost the bragging rights in the State.  It appears as if this family is not known for its typing as well as for its gabbing.  Maybe you just haven't found out what that blue post button above is for.  I finally found one place at Fontana which is large enough to accommodate our family reunion next year.  I have been unable to make contact with the man responsible for reservations.  I hope to talk with him next week and I will post any information I get here. If and when any of you drop in here be sure to leave a note by merely using the post button above.  It works just like e-mail...  It gets posted usually within one day and it is visible to all who enter here....  Dean

September 3, 2003 (Dean)

Hi, Great to hear from you. I discovered that I don't have any up to date pictures of you or your brothers.  Maybe you could send me a couple.  We were up your way in July and I was going to try to look you up, I didn't call ahead because we were not to sure how far we would get in one day.  We came up 3 along the river and got caught in the construction and wound up over in Mo.  Spent the night South of St. Louis.  If ever you get near Huntsville be sure to look us up.

September 3, 2003 (Dick)


September 2, 2003 (Dean)

Come on in and take your shoes off and sit a spell.  Lets use our imaginations and see what this will produce.  It is solely for the entertainment of our family.  For now it is open to the PUBLIC...  Don't say anything you don't want the WHOLE WORLD TO KNOW.  If we want we can issue Keys (Passwords) to only family members and friends later.  I thought I would see what happens first.  Feel free to use the POST button as often as you like. Try not to clutter too much with SPAM, enough of that with our e-mails.  Who is going to post first???
PS: Grandpa is on the Key Board, guess what he is playing???

Pictures of those who leave notes...








Rolfe and Dorte

Jette and Preben

Carole & Dick Goers




Richard Goers
















  Carole & Dick Goers